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Genuine Human Productions – Demetria Kalodimos

Electric Avenue designed the new website and updated logo for Demetria Kalodimos’ Film Production Company – Genuine Human Productions.

30 years in TV news, We also produce independent documentaries, music videos, presentations and profiles, activism and awareness videos.

Services provided:

  • Consulting
  • Content organization
  • Logo re-design from existing
  • WordPress site install and setup
  • Canvas Theme Framework Setup and customization
  • Child Theme / Custom CSS and PHP
  • Graphic Design and Editing
  • Web Hosting setup
  • Site Migration
  • Cache setup

A fun job.. lots of content.

Note – Site has now been re-designed by another company.

Demetria Kalodimos has anchored and reported television news for more than 30 years. She’s won some of journalism’s most prestigious awards including 15 regional Emmys, 2 National Headliners and 2 Investigative Reporters and Editors Awards.
In 2000, Demetria established genuine human productions, writing, directing, shooting and editing true stories about real people…genuine humans.

dk-the-filmmaker-smallerWe also setup the current Genuine Human site at Bandcamp to feature some of the Audio and DVD Video releases that the company has done over the years.

Check it out.  Esp. The Prophet Omega.  He’s a favorite.

The Prophet Omega

Friends seen and unseen, people ridin’ along in your automobile, people that are sittin’ at the table I greet you with the holy word Peace.

– The Prophet Omega

He lives on audio tapes, passed through a vast underground fraternity. His sermons have become a “secret handshake” uniting the famous, infamous and unknown.

Friends Seen and Unseen, the debut documentary from genuine human productions chronicles the true story of the Prophet Omega, an obscure radio evangelist in Nashville, Tennessee.
Preaching the word from his apartment, number Q258, Omega’s identity has never been revealed – until now.

Friends Seen and Unseen was the only film in the 2000 Nashville Independent Film Festival to sell out two screenings in advance. The documentary was awarded one of four Tennessee Spirit Awards earning an encore screening before the Directors Guild in Los Angeles in August 2000. Nashville Film Festival Director Michael Catalano says “I’ve gotten calls from as far as New York and Los Angeles…the buzz is unreal, people want to see this piece.”